Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Evaluation - Question 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

I decided to make a private Facebook group in which i posted all of my work (main text and ancillary texts) and asked the people subscribed to the group to give me feedback. I asked the respondents what they liked about the video, what the bad points were, and how they could be improved.
I had quite a good response from the Facebook group with the members giving me detailed feedback.


Digipak feedback

I asked my target audience for this feedback before i completed my coursework so i could go back and correct anything they said i should change.
The feedback for the colours and fonts i used was very positive. i learned that i should trust my colour choices and continue to use them in my other texts.
I also learned from this feedback that my target audience enjoy the simplistic nature of my product they say it is 'easy to read' and 'effective'.
My target audience also showed that they are taking a preferred reading towards my texts as they have picked up on the 'bohemian' nature of my product. They all said it was 'appealing to the eye', this is what i originally set out to achieve when creating my digipak, i wanted it to primarily look good.
I used the feedback to adjust my original design by changing the line behing the dreamcatcher so that it didn't look off centered.

Advertisement Feedback

The feedback for my advertisement was again very positive, my target audience focus group picked up on the continuity of my colour scheme and noticed the simplistic style again.
They also complimented my graphic design saying that it looked very 'professionally done'.
Judging by the responses, my target audience are looking at my texts in a purely visual way, in a way that does not convey too much meaning but is pleasing to the eye.


Judging by the feedback for my main text the audience have really caught on to what i was trying to achieve  they comment on the 'mixture of inner city montage and linear storyline' which is primarily the intention for the video, to create contrasts.
I am happy that my target audience also picked out the psychedelic imagery as i wasn't sure whether it was clear enough.
Our focus group was carefully chosen to include people who regularly listen to the music featured in our music video, therefore the majority of them took a preferred reading and described it as 'cool' and 'obscure'.  Some of the respondents were more detailed in their responses and others less so. I presume this is because some of the members have a lower cultural capital and may have found the video confusing in parts.
We had told our focus group before the video was completed how obscure it was going to be, therefore they may not have been as shocked as they maybe would have if they didn't know what to expect.
Overall the use of audience feedback helped a great deal in many ways, it boosted our confidence when getting positive feedback and also gave us constructive criticism on how to improve our video, it was an eye opening experience and really gave us an insight into our target audience.

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