Wednesday, 19 December 2012

More Inspiration

The original inspiration for our sparkler scene was gathered from the E4 teen drama 'Skins'. We like the way you can see the light trails and the blurry atmosphere. We also like how the characters can be seen but you cannot recognise who they are because of the blur.
Below is a link to said clip:

Monday, 17 December 2012


Today myself and nancy sat down and wrote up a table of props that we are going to use when filming and how we are going to source them.

Interview with target audience

We took minutes of our meeting with target audience:

Tom: As you all know Jordan and India and based on what we've told you about the concept for our video, what do you think of them as choices for our main characters?
Grace: I think they're both really good people to have chosen! The song is pretty alternative sounding and both Jord and India have sort of their own unique style which should mean you don't have to do much in terms of sorting out costumes for them or getting them to act a certain way for the video.
Martin: Yeah, I think they're good choices as well. Plus they both look quite old for their age and could probably pass for a few years older than they actually are. This will make the story of the video more authentic and believable and should help to make the video appealing to people a bit older than us, like uni students.
Gav: I'd agree with all that, I guess the only thing you have to consider is if they look a bit too alternative? Although you want your characters to be different looking, surely they also have to look like people that the target audience will relate to.
Nancy: Do you like music videos to have a strong narrative or prefer when it's a bit more performance-based?
Martin: I like a mix of the two. If a video has some sort of story to it, it definitely makes you want to watch it until the end. But at the same time, if you like the artist you want to see the song actually being performed too.
Gav: Yeah, I'd probably say I feel the same. I suppose it's different if you're using dance music though because it's not like you can show a band performing when there is no band.
Grace: Exactly. I think if the song is a dance track then you've got to have some sort of dancing involved in the video though. If it's all just narrative then it won't look very realistic.
Tom: Here are some photos and screen grabs from Google Street View that we've taken so you can see whereabouts we're planning to film. Thinking about the song and concept, how appropriate do you think they are?
Grace: The place with the garages looks good because it's kind of got the balance between looking suburban but also like it could be in a more run-down area, like where the two characters are coming from. The real issue would be if there's a lot of bad weather though, as from the pictures it looks like you're wanting to film quite a bit outside.
Martin: I think there's something almost industrial about it, which I guess links with the genre of the song. The settings for inside the houses look pretty good too. Fairly generic, but I guess that's what you're going for?
Gav: I like the locations you've got so far and I definitely think they fit well with the song.
Nancy: What do you think of the effects that we tried out on Premiere? Which do you think would work well in the actual video?
Gav: I really like the one towards the end that makes it look like you're seeing double. It looks like the sort of thing you'd see in a real music video.
Martin: The distort one is cool. Not quite sure how you could use it but it's a bit quirky and different like the song and so could be useful.
Grace: I pretty much liked all of the effects except the one with the sort of beam of light in. It just seemed a bit pointless I suppose.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

More Inspiration

This video makes use of the green screen in the same we are planning to use it.
It is made very obvious that the artist is in fact stood infront of a green screen and adds to the DIY feel of the video.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Risk Assessment

This is a list of potential risks when we are filming.

Shots Of Potential Locations

A few locations that we have thought about using for some of our outdoor scenes.

Here is a row of garages where we are thinking about filming the dance scenes with the sparklers. We would have to get permission from the owners.
this location there is a small disused railway track which we thought would be an interesting location to use.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Finding Extras

Today Nancy and I posted on the focus group asking people if they would be happy to participate in some of our dancing scenes, we got a good response and a lot of people said they were happy to take part.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Focus Group - Digipak and Advert

After I completed my digipak and advert i posted a photo of them on our facebook focus group in order to hopefully get some feedback on what my target audience thought of them. The comments on my Digipak were very helpful and detailed but there were no detailed comments on the advert, the focus group just said that it was impressive and that they liked it.